First Feng Shui Riesling full moon wine worldwide harvested

The VDP premium winery VON HÖVEL harvested  the first Feng Shui Riesling full moon wine in the full moon night 08. to 09. October 2014 in the premium single vineyard „Oberemmeler Hütte“.

Max von Kunow, owner of the winery von Hövel: „As estate owner and hunter I observe for many years the nature. Particularly the full moon fascinates me.In 2013, in a full moon night we prepared and started carefully this project with Feng Shui Master Gabriele Podzun, who studied intensively the full moon calendar and the effects on plants. In the full moon night 08. October 2014  we harvested in the famous premium single vineyard „Oberemmeler Hütte“, ripe and healthy grapes for this worldwide rarity.

Weinberg Oberemmeler Hütte bei Vollmond
Lese am 08.10.2014

Gabriele Podzun,  diploma architect and German Feng Shui Master: “Everybody knows the moon effects on ebb and flow, the tides. Besides the important factors sun, wind and water (verbatim translated: Feng Shui) the moon also effects plant growth.This is no superstition, but actually scientifically justified by the university of Padua in Italy. In the increasing phase of the moon, the energy flow builds up until climax on full moon; than the aroma is highest level in the fruits. In Asia this is well-known. The 8th of October in the year 10.000 Feng Shui Calendar is a particularly auspicious day for a successful harvest.“

Hans-Jürgen Podzun, winexpert and long-standing president of the german wine- and sommelierschool, independent winejournalist supports the project:“ Naturally it depends on many factors like: terroir, weather conditions, the owner and winemaker´s experience …Obviously, it`s not possible to harvest a full moon wine every year ( for example 2013). Most important is the quality in the glass. But such rarity will attract great attention and opens a door for the german Riesling, especially from Mosel and Saar“.

In September 2014 Feng Shui Master Yap Boh Chu from the Great Master lineage Yap Cheng Hai from Malaysia  visited  the Saar , the winery and the vineyard for the full moon wine.

The full moon wine  was offered exclusively at the VDP auction on autumn 2015 at Trier.

                              0,75 l:   19 €                                  9 Magnum: 100 €

          Sale: Weingut von Hövel             www.weingut-vonhoevel.de

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